Wellbeing Program

Our unique service delivery, along with our award-winning Wellbeing programs, ensure all residents experience the highest quality care and support.

The Wellbeing Program

The Pathways Residences Wellbeing program was developed in 2008 to enhance the emotional wellbeing of our residents. By providing a safe, harmonious environment and by encouraging socialisation, this innovative program enables residents to find happiness and comfort in each day while assisting them to living positively and ‘in the moment’.

The HOPE u CARE Program

Our HOPE u CARE program was developed in 2012 as an innovative model of care designed to assist residents with symptoms of dementia. The Acronym ‘HOPE’ stands for Holistic, Open mindedness, Personhood, Empathy & Emotion and ‘u’ for understanding. The program aims to improve overall quality of life by ensuring care is delivered with compassion, empathy and understanding.