Seaside Times


We celebrated Juta Svensson birthday with a lovely cake and singalong.

We are still encouraging the families and friends to contact residents through the skype, The IPAD/ Tablets are becoming useful in a lot of ways not only education for the staff but to use in activity’s such as quizzes and gathering information for residents on their interests.

Father’s Day

Due to Covid-19 we unfortunately were unable to have any visitors, so our Lifestyle officer Marie organized a BBQ lunch and got all the men gathered together, everyone enjoyed the BBQ sausages and salads Beer and Wine. Along with lots of laughter and chats about present and past.

Gypsy our pet therapy dog has had to stop coming due to Covid, However Debbie and Gypsy have undergone training in virtual /Skype visits, So last week we had our first virtual visit from Gypsy and Debbie which everyone enjoyed to connect with them again after such a long time, Gypsy was looking playful as ever and reacting to the voices when calling her name.

Resident Profile – Luigi Altavilla

Tell us about yourself – where were you born, go to school and what are some of your life achievements?
I was born in Paddington NSW and went to school at St Francis Technical High School, My achievement include gaining a position as a legal Clarke.

Where did you live before moving into Pathways?
I lived at Sutherland in the Shire with my late wife.

What do you enjoy most about living at Pathways?
I love that the staff are all happy kind and caring.

What specific activities do you enjoy participating in?
Music, Word Games, Bus Trips, Happy Hour and any celebrations we have. I love to socialise with other residents.

Christmas is July

We celebrated, which all residents enjoyed; we had a traditional turkey baked lunch with Christmas pudding and custard/ cream. Christmas carols were listened and sung by all.