Roseville Times

Welcome to the autumn newsletter for 2019. It’s March already and soon you will see autumn in its true element around Ashley House with the leaves changing colour from green to yellow, orange and varying shades of red.

The residents are enjoying sitting in the garden and making the most of the sunshine with all the beautiful trees and colours before winter arrives. Over the months we have been busy celebrating different events on the calendar including; Australia Day, Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day and seniors week.

We have also been making pizzas and cakes in cooking club, and receiving Delta dog visits from Nina and Lucy the Golden Retriever. There has been painting classes with a professional artist, singing, quizzes, playing golf, bowling, going for walks and relaxing in the garden.

The staff have also been getting in on the celebrations. A THINK safety day was held, where we refreshed our memories on safety in the workplace. The staff also participated in a cultural day which encompassed all the different nationalities we have here at Ashley House through their varying cuisine. Each person brought in a traditional dish that they make at home and we all enjoyed the food together. Afterwards staff performed some traditional dancing for the residents, which they all enjoyed.

We are looking forward to upcoming days which include; St Patrick’s Day, World poetry day, Greek Independence Day and Harmony Day.

Pathways Ashley House Executive Manger, Jonathan Low

I would like to start off by saying that I have really enjoyed working at Ashley House since transferring here from another Pathways site in Northbridge.

To be honest, when I first started as the Care Manger here at Ashley house in June 2018, I found the transition difficult as I was quite happy with my previous role as the Clinical Manager at Sailors Bay. However, it was not long I found my feet and settled in. The staff were really supportive and slowly we all got to know each other. Gradually I got to know each staff member by name and formed personable relationships with them.

I’ll never forget the first person’s name I remembered. It was about the 2nd week into the role and I said as I walked in to work that morning “Good morning Richa”, and she turned around and said “Wow! You remembered my name!”.

The importance of remembering someone’s name was engrained into me from a young age. I was brought up in a Christian home, going to church on Sunday’s, and attended Trinity Grammar School where I had a wonderful head master who guided my learning and taught me key life skills. One of his talents was learning and remembering every student’s name that attended the High School. He even went as far as saying “Happy Birthday” to those students whose birthdays fell on a week day, during assembly.

This has always stuck with me and I’ve adopted this into my work life so that staff members and residents at Ashley House will feel important and acknowledged, the same way I did. I will make that extra effort to meet and greet each resident and staff member as they come in to Ashley House for the first time, and maintain that friendly manner for the duration of the relationship.

Ashley House is a very old facility, much like my parents’ home. There is a multitude of history within these walls; I almost wish the walls could talk as I know there would be a lot of great stories to share.

I’ve been working in the Aged Care industry for over 10 years now and I am glad that I made the choice to begin this journey into helping others. It is such a rewarding, soul nourishing job, and knowing that each day I am making someone’s life better is incredible. You meet some wonderful people that have been through all walks of life, get to know their families and hear about all the experiences they have endured.

I know that I can say, on behalf of the staff, that we are blessed to be able to care for these residents and work for such a prestigious company within the aged community. They all love and care for the residents as much as I do and enjoy assisting in their care every day. One of the care staff mentioned the other day that it is all about passion and dedication and that they really enjoy working with the elderly. I thought to myself this is so true; if you do not have passion and dedication toward the elderly, you are in the wrong job. I am really appreciative of having likeminded staff working with me here at Ashley House.

It was in November 2018 that I was asked to stay at Ashley House and was given the title of Executive Manager, which of course I happily accepted. Around the same time, I received a letter from one of the residents requesting that I stay as they very much liked me being here. So I am really excited to continue to work with the staff, and most of all the residents here at Ashley House. As a team we will continue to grow and reach our full capacity of 40 residents and aim to provide the best possible care. Collectively, we will strive to display passion and dedication to our work in caring for all residents and families to the best of our abilities.

I wish you, your family, friends and loved ones all the very best and take care of yourself.

With students from Loreto