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With the winter season here, outbreaks of infectious diseases such as influenza (‘flu) & gastroenteritis (gastro) occur often in the general community. Older people living in residential aged care facilities are susceptible to outbreaks of influenza and gastroenteritis, with outbreaks commonly occurring between March and September. Older people can be particularly vulnerable to illness & complications from these diseases, flu & gastro can be life threatening for our residents.


Be vaccinated against the ‘flu—having the ‘flu vaccination each year helps protect you, your children, & elderly relatives.

Avoid spreading illness—wash your hands regularly. Washing your hands well with liquid soap & water or alcohol hand rub before & after visiting will help reduce the spread of disease. Cover your mouth when coughing.

Notice health changes—alert staff if you feel that your elderly relative or friend is more lethargic or less responsive than usual. These may be early signs of illness.

Stay away if sick—if you have recently been ill, been in contact with someone who is ill or you have symptoms of respiratory illness (fever, sore throat, cough, muscle & joint pain, tiredness/ exhaustion) or gastro, please do not visit the home for at least 48 hours.

Limit your visit—if there is an outbreak in the home, visit only the person you have come to see & keep children away if they or the elderly resident are unwell.

Talk to staff—the Executive Manager or Care Manager will be happy to talk with you about how the residence manages an outbreak & how you can assist.


We have had a busy few month as we’ve come into the winter weather here at Cronulla Pines. There is never an idle moment. We welcomed Black Pepper from Miranda Westfield’s to present a fashion show of their winter collection for the Residents, even featuring a few of our family members as the models!

A Casino Bar with a deadly 007 twist took over the Pines 1 dining room where the residents were able to enjoy sipping on a martini, shaken not stirred, as they gambled the afternoon away. St Patricks Day received a new entertainer, Eamon and his Irish dancers. The staff rifled through the cupboards for their wedding dresses to display to the Residents, one dated back to the 1970s and another came from a whole other world to what we are used to. Finally, the café hosted a High Tea to say thank you to the Residents for being understanding during the construction works.


We are delighted to welcome Carole Quinn to the lifestyle team in the Links. Many will recognise her as the bright and bubbly GSO working of a morning down there.

Now that second stage has been completed and we have a host of new faces, we wanted to have a greater presence for the Residents. She has a beautiful spirit and provides both a gentle and engaging energy for the Residents in the Links.


We are delighted to welcome Carole Quinn to the lifestyle team in the Links. Many will recognise her as the bright and bubbly GSO working of a morning down there.

Now that second stage has been completed and we have a host of new faces, we wanted to have a greater presence for the Residents. She has a beautiful spirit and provides both a gentle and engaging energy for the Residents in the Links.


For the past six (6) months we have been liaising with Sutherland Council regarding our concerns with having a loading zone and parking spaces situated so close to our driveway.

We have raised serious issues with the poor visibility of oncoming cars and how dangerous it is hedging forward to exit the driveway.

An update from the council:

“It is proposed to install parking restrictions on both sides of the driveway. A report on this matter will be referred to the Sutherland Traffic & Traffic Safety Committee at their meeting on 7 June, to endorse the proposed changes. Should the changes be endorsed they will be referred to the next available Council meeting to seek approval for implementation.”

Together, with your input we were able to bring to the council’s attention the risks and escalate the situation.


Giant fluffy paws and a happy wagging tail can now be found lopping through the corridors of a Thursday morning. We have been lucky enough to be placed with a Delta Dog therapy team, Henrike and Bono.

Our beautiful gentle giant Bono has been met with many a stare and gasps of delight. He matches a few of the residents in height, and is as his owner calls him “a back friendly dog”. Henrike has encountered just as much enthusiasm by everyone. The question of the day always seems to be “How much does he eat?” (For future reference, it’s about a kilo of food a day!)


Resident Profile

1. Tell us about yourself – where were you born, go to school and what are some of your life achievements?

I was born in Newtown, to the best of my knowledge. I went to school in Enmore and lived in Marrickville with my parents until I was married. My husband was the Director of Protocol for NSW, I’m very proud of the work he did and being with him throughout his career.

2. Where did you live before moving into Pathways?

I lived in Earlwood NSW. My Husband and I moved there when we were first married and stayed throughout our entire married life.

3. What do you enjoy most about living at Pathways?

The fact that it is managed properly and well. The staff know what is going on and everyone knows their jobs. It is good to know that the staff can take care of me when I need it.

4. What specific activities do you enjoy participating in?

Whatever is going on! I like to be in things and involved.

5. What surprises you the most about living in aged care?

The building is well thought out, it’s not like other places. I like being an individual here and not feeling like I am one of the masses.


Staff Profile

1. Tell us about yourself – where are you from and what are some previous positions you have held

My name is Kylie and I live in Cronulla with my husband and three children. Previously I worked as a PA for PWC with maternity breaks to have my children.

2. What made you decide to pursue work in aged care?

The city commute was too long, it was killing me! I decided I didn’t like working in a beige office with no personality. I thought I had more to offer elsewhere.

3. What do you love about working in aged care?

The variety of people I meet. The lovely families, the Residents and making a difference in people’s lives.

4. What are some of your professional goals?

To keep enjoying what I do, and see where my path takes me!

5. What inspires you in your role at Pathways?

The Residents inspire me! I really enjoy listening to what they have to say. They all have a back story and it is fascinating to find out what they did when they were younger and how things were and have changed so much.


Wellbeing Team

My name is Ashlee, and I am thrilled to have joined the Pathways Cronulla Pines team as an Occupational Therapist or an “OT” for short.

My job involves assessing our residents’ current abilities and developing wellbeing plans aimed at maintaining function and independence in everyday activities. I can help with strategies to maintain a meaningful daily routine, prevent falls, manage pain and pressure care and assist with relaxation and leisure.

I have a special focus on the upper limb, as our fingers, wrists, elbows and shoulders provide a strong basis for
completing important daily activities. Keep an eye out for the “Upper Limb Gym” groups which will be running each week – these groups will help to keep these important parts of our upper limbs as strong as possible.

I am looking forward to meeting all of our wonderful residents and their families – if you see me around the Pines I’d love to meet and have a chat!


Captain Cook Drive

As reported by the St. George & Sutherland Shire Leader 03/06/19: Major road construction works on Captain Cook Drive, outside the Sharks development, are due to start on July 1 and continue for 12 months.

A council report says the works “are extensive and will cause significant disruption to existing travel patterns”.

Please take note that a 40 km/h speed limit will be imposed for the duration of the project.

Calendar of special dates, activities & events
July – September 2019

Monday 8
The Memory Man

Sunday 14
Bastille Day

Tuesday 30
Entertainer – Kane Tominaga


Tuesday 20
Kris’ Feathered Friends


Thursday 12
Pines Third Birthday

Friday 27
Charles the Dance Tutor

Please note that the days and dates listed above may be subject to change.