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Pathways Killara Gardens Executive Manager, Janice McNair

Welcome to everyone and thank you all for the support given to me during my transition into Killara Gardens. Everyone has been very helpful and I have truly appreciated the support.

An update on the renovations of the rooms in Killara Gardens. We are hoping to start this in the near future but waiting for our spot accreditation visit to be completed, which should be before July. Once this is over we will be able to give a clearer date of when this will start and further information on how this will be completed.

We are trialling a more efficient waste disposal system for all general waste and cardboard. This will commence as of the 12th June. The system compacts the waste which reduces our need for storage space, minimises overflow of bags from bins and is more hygienic for staff use.

The Aged Care & Quality Commission has upgraded the Residents Charter of Rights. This was attended to bring all aged care sectors into the one document. The older Charter of Rights had 3 versions across the aged care sector and was changed to bring it in line with the new accreditation standards.

The department has requested that all families & residents be notified of the changes and to have the new one signed. Whilst this is not compulsory it is encouraged.

The form was sent to all families recently. If you could please sign the form and return to us, this would be appreciated. If you choose not to sign, can you still email us so that we know your wishes?

We’d love you to join us at our regular family meetings, so we can hear how you think things are going and so we can also update you on what is happening at Killara, our Administration Manager Cherry will send and email out to advise you of our upcoming meetings. As always please feel free to give us your valuable feedback either in person or through our Compliment / Suggestion / Complaint Forms located at reception and at each nurse’s desk.

at Killara Gardens

In recent months we have continued to bring various cultural highlights to the facility. These events are a great way to acknowledge our residents’ backgrounds and values.

In March, one of our resident’s daughters, Marina Marsden (on violin) performed for our residents as part of a classical music trio with her 2 colleagues Grace Kim (on piano) and Kristy Conrau (on Cello). Many of our residents love classical music with it being an essential part of their lives and wellbeing, and the residents who attended thoroughly enjoyed the performance by Marina, Grace and Kristy.

In May we were able to take a group of some of our residents out for a Mother’s Day lunch at Mosman Club.


My name is Amy and I get the pleasure of working as an occupational therapist across two Pathways Residences – which means you may see a lot of me, or not much at all!

I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the residents at Killara Gardens and what is meaningful to each person, particularly as I have a research interest in meaningful engagement and how it is achieved in residential aged care facilities. But what do I mean by meaningful engagement?

Meaningful engagement = social interaction or engaging in an occupation (i.e. activity/task/role) that is meaningful to the person and thus contributes to their positive sense of self and wellbeing.

That’s right, meaningful engagement is actually good for our health! It’s not just about ‘doing,’ rather it’s the stuff that gives us a sense of belonging and reminds us of our identity. But how can we still engage meaningfully in the tasks, activities or roles that we love, if some things get in the way? As you may have experienced, difficulty moving our limbs, difficulty hearing or seeing, or changes in our thinking ability can all stop us from doing the things we used to. This is where occupational therapy comes in – we aim to find out what is important to the person, what prevents them from engaging in it, and how we can overcome these barriers to facilitate meaningful

Some encouraging examples so far:

Through OT, residents have gotten back into playing music for themselves, shared stories over cooking, worked on physical fitness and mobility goals, been able to read books again, gotten out in the community, have had more control over their selfcare day-to-day, communicated with loved ones, enjoyed meals with less difficulty, and more!

Whether it means relearning a task or engaging in a slightly different way, occupational therapy can help you enjoy the aspects of life that bring you meaning and improve your health and wellbeing. So please don’t hesitate to talk to your inhouse occupational therapists, Abby and Amy, to see what they can do to help!

of the Autumn months

One of our favourite activities to run is the High Tea with the Managers, and this was the first one for our new Executive Manager Janice McNair who got to spend some time getting to know some of our more recently admitted residents, together with Quality and Services Manager Karen Kirby (below).

The HOPE-U-Care staff do a great job bringing some of the Level 2 residents down in the late mornings so spend some time in the fresh air and sunshine, weather permitting of course (below).

We held another Food Safari this time with the theme being Spanish cuisine and Gian our Head Chef whipped up a lovely meal for some of our residents which included a Gazpacho soup as entree, Paella Valenciana as main, and Arroz Con Leche as dessert (below).

In May we asked some of our residents to share with the staff some of their achievements and experiences. This included academic, professional, sporting, familial, military, travel and other achievements and experiences that the residents were happy and proud to share. Mr. Grosbard (below) shared with us his war medals from his time serving with the British Army as well as a certificate from NASA for his work involved with the Apollo 11 Moon Landing, whilst Mrs. Taylor shared with us her certificate for a Degree in Pharmacy completed at the University of Sydney.

As the food and meals are a big part of our residents lives which they value every day, we wanted to show some of our residents via a kitchen tour with Gian our Head Chef how the food is delivered, stored, prepared and cooked for over 100 residents. If there are any other residents that would like a kitchen tour please let David the Lifestyle Coordinator know and he will organise with the Head Chef (below).

Calendar of special dates, activities & events
April – June 2019

Wednesday 10
Christmas in July lunch Entertainment by Dominic Sepe

Thursday 11
Entertainment by Trevor & Jocelyn Housley

Tuesday 16
Anglican Church Service

Wednesday 17
Relatives Meeting at 2pm in the cinema


Wednesday 14
Entertainment by Eileen Russell

Tuesday 20
Anglican Church Service

Tuesday 22
Entertainment by Alice Ackerman

Wednesday 28
Buy a Bale fundraiser


Sunday 1
Father’s Dayl

Wednesday 11
Entertainment by Ross Hamilton

Tuesday 17
Anglican Church Service

Wednesday 23
Entertainment by Dominic Sepe

Saturday 28
AFL Grand Final

Please note that the days and dates listed above may be subject to change.