Greengate Times

Pathways Killara Gardens Executive Manager, Diana Gautier

It was lovely to see you all at our Christmas Party last year and 2019 brings many changes.

Juliet Eguaibor has recently been appointed into the Clinical Manager role, I would like to thank Sheila Torres for all her hard work in assisting me over the last 6 months and for providing support and training to Juliet.

As many of you know I have been offered the role of Operations and Quality Manager and will commence in this role in April, although I will no longer be the Executive Manager at Killara Gardens I will still be overseeing the facility and I would like to thank you all for your trust, honesty and support during my time here.

We have recruited a new Executive Manager for Killara, Janice McNair, she will commence with us on the 25th March. Janice brings to Pathways a wealth of experience having worked in senior management roles in aged care for over 15 years. I have tremendous confidence in the Killara Gardens team and trust that the transition to the new Executive Manager will be seamless with my support. I look forward to introducing Janice to you in the coming weeks.

With winter approaching outbreaks of infectious diseases such as influenza & gastroenteritis occur often in the general community. Older people living in residential aged care facilities are susceptible to outbreaks of influenza and gastroenteritis, with outbreaks commonly occurring between March and September. Older people can be particularly vulnerable to illness & complications from these diseases, flu & gastro can be life threatening for our residents.

To continue to provide the best possible protection for those 65 years and over, an enhanced trivalent vaccine, Fluad® (Seqirus), is being supplied for those aged 65 years and over.

Most people will develop immunity within two to three weeks of vaccination. Experts have advised there is recent evidence suggesting that protection following influenza vaccination may begin to wane. As influenza usually occurs from June, with the peak around August, vaccinating from mid-April 2019 will allow people to develop immunity before influenza transmission is at its peak.

For more information about the influenza vaccine, speak to your GP or visit

What You Can Do To Help

Avoid spreading illness—wash your hands regularly. Washing your hands well with liquid soap & water or alcohol hand rub before & after visiting will help reduce the spread of disease. Cover your mouth when coughing.

Notice health changes—alert staff if you feel that your elderly relative or friend is more lethargic or less responsive than usual. These may be early signs of illness.

Stay away if sick—if you have recently been ill, been in contact with someone who is ill or you have symptoms of respiratory illness (fever, sore throat, cough, muscle & joint pain, tiredness/ exhaustion) or gastro, please do not visit the home for at least 48 hours.

Limit your visit—if there is an outbreak in the home, visit only the person you have come to see & keep children away if they or the elderly resident are unwell.

Talk to staff—the Executive Manager or Care Manager will be happy to talk with you about how the residence manages an outbreak & how you can assist.

We’d love you to join us at our regular family meetings, so we can hear how you think things are going and so we can also update you on what is happening at Killara, our Administration Manager Cherry will send and email out to advise you of our upcoming meetings. As always please feel free to give us your valuable feedback either in person or through our Compliment / Suggestion / Complaint Forms located at reception and at each nurse’s desk.

Of the Summer Months

Before the end of last year we took some of our gentlemen out for a lunch up at the Greengate Hotel. We look forward to doing more of the same in 2019.

Just before Christmas last year we were fortunate enough to have Jennifer Hardwick’s granddaughter Susannah perform an opera concert for the residents. Susannah was visiting from the U.K. with family and is currently studying at the Royal Academy of Music.

We appreciate Susannah and Jennifer’s son Julian for organising the performance for our residents, who enjoyed it thoroughly and were still talking about it weeks later.

More recently we had Trevor, who runs the Fire Safety training courses for our staff, meet with the residents to provide instruction on what to do in case of a fire or other emergency. It was great to have Trevor on hand to answer any of the residents questions.


I would like to introduce myself, Abigail, and my colleague Amy, as the new Occupational Therapists at Killara. I am humbled to be welcomed into the Pathways family and excited to continue Jessica’s legacy and develop new initiatives to support our residents. It was great to have Trevor on hand to answer any of the residents questions.

The Importance Of Pressure Care:

Our skin is the biggest organ in our bodies, involved in protecting and regulating the body while providing information about our external environment. Healthy skin is intricately linked with a person’s overall health and wellbeing, thus it is an important aspect of care for us at Killara Gardens. When people age their skin can be at a greater risk of breakdown through factors such as reduced mobility and decreased sensation which limits one’s ability to shift weight regularly. This can lead to an increase in the amount and duration of pressure exerted over bony areas, such as the buttocks, which occludes blood supply to the skin. Subsequently, a lack of blood supply leads to skin breakdown and the development of pressure sores (also commonly known as bed sores). Pressure sores interfere with resident’s quality of life, are painful and can lead to more serious health concerns.

However, the majority of pressure sores are preventable!

Some ways to maintain healthy skin and prevent pressure sores are:

  • Encourage pressure relieving movements, such as shifting one’s weight when sitting,
  • Develop a good skin care regime that keeps the skin hydrated (such as moisturising) and check for redness or discolouration of the skin,
  • Prevent excessive sweat or moisture build-up,
  • Use pressure relieving equipment, such as a pressure care cushion or heel protectors, which redistribute pressure evenly across larger surface areas.
  • Maintain a healthy diet to support fast healing of the skin if breakdowns do occur.

In recent months we have continued to bring various cultural highlights to the facility. These events, whether celebrated with an individual resident, or many residents at once, is a great way for all our staff to acknowledge – with respect and dignity – our residents’ cultural background and heritage as well as what is important to them. These values include family, friendship, comfort, safety, kindness and consideration


Last Christmas was another great festive season, with the Residents’ Christmas Party an occasion of fun, family, friends & frivolity! Santa popped in to visit the residents with the assistance of his cheery elves.

Australia Day

In January we celebrated Australia day with a great Aussie BBQ outside with the weather favouring us on the day. All residents attending the occasion responded that they had a great time and enjoyed the food, decorations, music and festivities with the staff, family & friends. The residents can look forward to us holding more BBQs outside during Autumn before the Winter cold hits.

Valentine’s Day

For Valentine’s Day for the residents we had a concert with Amanda Easton and for a select number of residents we also had a Valentine’s Day-themed Food Safari. Every 2-3 months we run a Food Safari with the chefs cooking a themed menu of meals for a select number of residents. Residents are checked for any food allergies/intolerances/ dislikes, and we try and invite newly admitted residents as well as residents that have not attended before, or have not attended in over a year.


Another highlight is celebrating our residents’ birthdays, with the kitchen making some lovely cakes for our residents, Josephine Wells celebrated her 101st birthday with Level 2 Care Staff Jewells, Nikhila, Sam & Purnima.

Calendar of special dates, activities & events
April – June 2019

Wednesday 3
Farewell Afternoon Tea for Dee/Welcome for new Executive Manager

Thursday 4
Entertainment by Trevor & Jocelyn Housley

Sunday 7
Daylight Savings Ends

Tuesday 16
Anglican Church Service

Wednesday 17
Entertainment by Paul Leventhal (Classical Guitarist)

Friday 19
Good Friday

Monday 22
Easter Monday

Wednesday 24
ANZAC Day Service AM

Wednesday 24
Entertainment by Eileen Russell PM

Thursday 25


Wednesday 1
Relatives Meeting at 2pm in the cinema

Thursday 9
Mother’s Day concert by Amanda Easton

Sunday 12
Mother’s Day, International Nurses Day

Wednesday 15
Entertainment by Dominic Sepe

Tuesday 21
Anglican Church Service

Wednesday 29
Entertainment by Ross Hamilton


Wednesday 12
Entertainment by Eileen Russell

Tuesday 18
Anglican Church Service

Wednesday 26
Entertainment by Ross Hamilton

Please note that the days and dates listed above may be subject to change.